Protecting the Nile

Protecting the Nile

Protecting the Nile 

Palms and the river Nile by night

Palms and the river Nile by night

EU Competition-The Eternal River-  Photo by Mohamed Abdel Rahman

Charm of Aswan

Charm of Aswan

EU Competition-Charm of Aswan-           Photo by Mohamed Abdel…

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The National Water Resources Plan




The National Water Resources Plan (NWRP) of Egypt

Given the importance of water for the socio-economic development of the country, the Government of Egypt is committed to take all necessary means and measures to manage and

 develop the water resources of the country in a comprehensive and equitable manner. The growing population and economic activities have increased the pressure on the water system, both with respect to quantity as quality of the water. Investments are needed to safeguard these resources and priorities have to be set. Infrastructural projects and improvements of the operation and maintenance of the system are required. At the same time institutional changes will be needed to decentralise and integrate the various activities. Developments in the legal and regulatory environment have to support these changes.

All people in Egypt have in some way a stake in how the water is managed. Farmers require water for irrigation, factory workers need water for their production processes and all of us need water for drinking and sanitary purposes. We are all stakeholders and this requires that the development and management of the water resources should follow a participatory approach.

The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI) has, according to its constitutional mandate, the first responsibility for the development and management of the water resources in Egypt. This management and development is done to support the socio-economic activities of the country. The main stakeholders representing these socio-economic activities are the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Health and Population. Other important stakeholders at Ministerial level are the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and New Communities, the Ministry of Local Development, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Electricity. Through their policies these Ministries influence the national water resources. Cooperation between the Ministries is needed in order to develop the full potential of the water resources.

In addition to these ministries, water resource management should take into account the views and policies of the regional and local stakeholders. The on-going decentralisation and in water management in Egypt will increase the role of these regional and local stakeholders. This includes the Governorates, farmers, industries, Water User Associations, NGO’s, etc.

Last, but certainly not least the views and interest of the general public should be taken into account. A process of public participation that consider their interest should be well reflected.

Water Resources Management to Achieve National Development Goals of Egypt

The objective of water resources development is derived from the national development goals and policies. In general terms the national development goals related to water are:

·         to increase the economic growth of the country and to increase employment;

·         to increase the inhabited space of Egypt outside the Nile Valley and the Delta, among others by:

o   developing new cities

o   developing the Eastern Delta and Sinai (i.e. the El Salam Canal)

o   developing New Valley areas in Southern Egypt (i.e.Toshka project; East Owenat)

·         to protect public health by means of provision of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities

·         to protect the Nile and other fresh water resources from pollution.


These national goals are made more specific in the policies from the various ministries. The overall objective of water resources development in Egypt integrates these sector policies and is given below.


Objectives of Water Resources Development in Egypt.pdf


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